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Development of Teacher Assessment to be used in International Baccalaureate contexts (Taiwan Kuei Shan School Project)

In collaboration with a school-based design team and local normal school partners, SCALE developed a teacher performance assessment that informed beginning teacher professional development in IB contexts. The assessment was aligned with teaching practices associated with the international baccalaureate learner profile and the approaches to teaching and learning promoted by IB. Use of the assessment could be expanded to other IB schools in Taiwan, Asia and/or internationally following a field test in another Phase of the project.

Key Deliverables:

  1. Establish teacher performance outcomes aligned with the IB learner profile.
  2. Develop and pilot prototype tasks and protocols that collect evidence of the performance outcomes. 
  3. Establish content validity for the outcomes and assessment protocol.
  4. Develop scoring protocols and scoring training materials.
  5. Deliver a consensus scoring training event.
  6. Review scored assessments and reliability of consensus scoring.