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Nov 16 2007 | Edutopia | Posted In: Teacher Educational News
Edutopia's list of "Pioneering programs [that] show the way to better teacher preparation."
Nov 14 2007 | Edutopia | Posted In: Teacher Educational News
Innovative schools of education invent better ways to prep educators for the classroom.
Oct 15 2007 | EdWeek | Posted In: Teacher Educational News
California has given the nod to a rigorous assessment created by teacher colleges that requires aspiring educators to show students are learning before they earn their preliminary licenses.
UL/SCALE is excited to share the news that we have received a grant from the Stanford Graduate School of Education to develop a language repository to gather and make use of student language data of the kind we have been collecting in our MOOCs since 2013.
In fall 2010 SCALE partnered with the New York City Department of Education to develop performance assessments. These assessments were designed for use in high school English, Biology, Algebra and US History classrooms. Content experts Daisy Martin (History), Dennie Wolf (English), Michal Lomask (...