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Oct 20 2010 | Diverse: Issues In Higher Education | Posted In: Teacher Educational News
Joyce Jones reports on Linda Darling-Hammond's recently released report, "Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness".
Oct 19 2010 | Center for American Progress | Posted In: Teacher Educational News
Linda Darling-Hammond's report to the Center for American Progress forum, Cultivating Effective Teachers.
Oct 19 2010 | Education Week blog "Teaching Now" | Posted In: Teacher Educational News
Liana Heitin of Ed Week describes the Center for American Progress panel discussion about SCALE's pilot teacher performance assessment, the Teacher Performance Assessment Consortium, which "proponents hope will one day be used as a requirement for teacher licensure nationwide."
Jan 1 2010 | Posted In: SCALE News
A new report offers preliminary findings on the relationship between beginning teacher's scores on the Performance Assessment for California Teachers (PACT) - a preservice performance assessment of a wide range of teaching skills - and their subsequent teaching effectiveness measured by students'...
Jul 1 2008 | Harvard Education Letter | Posted In: SCALE News
California shifts from standardized tests to performance-based assessment as a condition of licensure.