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New York City Teacher Effectiveness Pilot Project

In fall 2010 SCALE partnered with the New York City Department of Education to develop performance assessments. These assessments were designed for use in high school English, Biology, Algebra and US History classrooms. Content experts Daisy Martin (History), Dennie Wolf (English), Michal Lomask (Science) and the Silicon Valley Mathematics Institute led the creation and selection of the tasks with input from participating teachers. In fall of 2012, middle school tasks in English, Science and World History were added, bringing middle school teachers into the project. 

Assessments follow SCALE principles, being  designed to be content-embedded, authentic, multiple day experiences. Teachers were given training in implementing, scoring and interpreting the tasks. Participating teachers indicated that the delivery and scoring process involved with performance assessments was influential in their view of professional growth. Although challenging for students and teachers, the process was reported as one of the best professional development opportunities participants had ever had. Currently, analysis is being completed on the second year of the pilot to determine validity and reliability of measuring student growth with these assessments.