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Developing a Searchable Repository of Language-Based Interactions: A Tool for Research on Equity and Fairness in Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

UL/SCALE is excited to share the news that we have received a grant from the Stanford Graduate School of Education to develop a language repository to gather and make use of student language data of the kind we have been collecting in our MOOCs since 2013. A repository and platform of this kind has great potential to aid and inform the study of student language development, and to help generate techniques and practices that address concerns surrounding language-based inequity in classrooms. The data collection and storage dimensions of the repository will present a clearer picture of the actual language used by students and the ways in which interactions take place in classrooms. It will also lay the necessary foundation for researchers to engage with the data—using specialized analytic tools to interrogate the data according to a variety of research topics and methodologies—to deepen the understanding of classroom language at every level. By exposing the patterns of langu age actually used by school children, it will be possible to gain new perspectives on the nature of language itself; more practically in the immediate future, insights gained from such research will help to answer and address, from a sociolinguistics perspective, the connection between language and equitable learning opportunities.

More information about the grant can be found on the telos website.

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