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"Supporting Student Collaboration Within Performance Assessments" Pilot Module Overview (Released Winter 2021)

Driving question: "How can teachers support deeper learning by making opportunities to collaborate on performance-based assessments more meaningful for students?"

Overall learning goal: For candidates to identify ways to support students in becoming effective collaborators as they work together on performance-based assessments to solve problems and deepen their content understanding

Section 1 - Opportunities for Collaboration During Performance-Based Assessments

  • Candidates explore how performance-based assessments (PBAs) can integrate meaningful opportunities for collaboration through sample PBA plans & classroom videos.
  • Candidates engage in a team activity to determine what effective collaboration looks like.

Section 2 - Strategies for Supporting Students in Becoming More Effective Collaborators

  • Candidates identify ways teachers can support students in working together to demonstrate and deepen their content understanding, and draw from strategies/resources from the field to build a Collaboration Support Toolkit.

Section 3 - Planning to Deepen Learning by Supporting Collaboration on Performance-Based Assessments (CORE ACTIVITY)

  • Candidates use their Toolkit to create and share an implementation plan for strategically supporting collaboration on a PBA within their content area.