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Fall 2020 Pilot - Overview of "Supporting Students' Mindset Development as They Navigate Challenges" Module

Driving question: "How can you support P-12 students in building their academic mindset during challenging deeper learning activities that develop persistence and perseverance?"

Overall learning goal: For candidates to design deeper learning opportunities that develop students' abilities to persist and persevere through challenges by providing support for "productive struggle".

Section 1 - What is your mindset toward tacking challenging activities?

  • Candidates directly engage in a challenging collaborative learning activity & reflect on their own mindset (e.g., attitude/beliefs) towards navigating it together, while making connections to implications for P-12 learning

Section 2 - What is an academic mindset?

  • Candidates explore foundational concepts such as academic mindset, persistence, and perserverance through assigned readings, supplemental resources & discussion

Section 3 - How can persisting & perservering through productive struggle with a challenge help build academic mindset?

  • Candidates examine the role of "productive struggle" in building academic mindset, using videos of classroom practice to identify the skills, strategies and supports that help students persist/persevere through challenging deeper learning activities

Section 4 - Analyzing how teachers can foster academic mindset development

  • Candidates analyze & discuss case examples that demonstrate how teachers can 1) intentionally design opportunities for students to develop their academic mindset within the context of content instruction and 2) offer meaningful feedback/support for persisting/persevering through productive struggle throughout the cycle of teaching and learning

Section 5 - Designing a challenging activity that integrates academic mindset development (CORE ACTIVITY)

  • Candidates design a P-12 learning activity that includes support for academic mindset development as students persist/persevere in their work together & then use peer feedback from other candidates to refine their design further


For more information about participating in the pilot, please contact: