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"Developing a Critical Lens to Promote Socially-Just Narratives and Represent Diverse Identities" Pilot Module Overview (Released Winter 2021)

Driving question: "How can we develop a critical lens to be culturally responsive to the diverse identities in our classrooms?"

Overall learning goal: For candidates to use a critical lens to analyze and adapt instructional materials to construct socially-just narratives and represent diverse identities

Section 1 - Reflecting on Identity & Representation in Schools

  • Candidates think critically about how the representation of identities and stories in instructional materials impacts learners, complete a 6-word memoir to reflect on their own identity, and engage in a small-group reflection on how their own identity impacts students.

Section 2 - Developing a Critical Lens

  • Candidates analyze instructional materials for representation of identities and dominant and non-dominant narratives.

Section 3 - Adapting Instructional Materials to be More Culturally Responsive (CORE ACTIVITY)

  • Candidates adapt instructional materials to improve representation and offer non-dominant narratives, making them more culturally responsive.