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Study of Student Centered Schools

The Student Centered Schools research study seeked to learn from four exemplary Bay Area high schools that embody a student-centered approach. The study, funded through a grant from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, provided a deep understanding of the practices, approaches, and contextual factors that contributed to student centered learning, resulting in stronger student engagement, achievement, and attainment.

The study focused on four high schools that are part of two signature models of student-centered learning in California. Two of the schools (Dozier-Libbey Medical High School, Life Academy of Health and Bioscience) were part of a statewide initiative focusing on the integration of college and career preparation – Linked Learning. The other two high schools (City Arts and Technology High School, Impact Academy of Arts and Technology) were affiliated with Envision Schools, a charter management organization nationally recognized for its focus on instruction and assessment.

SCALE had primary responsibility for gathering all quantitative data, including surveys of current teachers and students, as well as graduates; graduates' matriculation into post-secondary education or training; and school level and district level student achievement. Additionally, SCALE had responsibility for interviewing graduates from each of the high schools to evaluate the efficacy of their preparation for college and career.

Key Deliverables

  • Research report including individual case studies and a practitioner’s guide