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Ohio Performance Assessment Pilot Project

In 2008, the Ohio Department of Education, through grants received from the Gates Foundation and the Hewlett Foundation, began a collaboration with SCALE to design, develop, and pilot a performance-based assessment system that could serve as one indicator (among multiple measures) of students’ readiness to graduate from high school, as well as their readiness for college and careers. This system included performance outcomes, scoring rubrics, and performance tasks in three secondary content areas: ELA, mathematics, and science. The tasks were designed to be “curriculum-embedded” and to be completed by 11-12th grade students over a 1-4 week period in their classes. In 2009-2010, OPAPP conducted its first pilot of these performance assessments across 15 pilot sites in the states, including approximately 150 teachers. The project completed a second pilot year in 2010-11 with the same group of pilot sites with streamlined versions of the performance tasks.