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Los Angeles County and Antelope Valley Performance Task Development Project

This project built capacity among educators to author and review high quality on-demand performance tasks in math and science. It included a series of four professional development workshops that build local capacity to develop, implement, and score high quality on-demand performance tasks. Each consortia consisted of a set of grade-level design teams who co-authored performance tasks that were implemented locally and then revised and scored. Tasks were held in a common bank to be shared across partner districts and consortia.

Participants of this work included 250 teachers plus 80 administrators in 40 districts across Los Angeles county, organized into 5 consortia of districts, each with design teams at each grade level, and participating in a year-long task development process to develop performance tasks at each grade level for Science and Math. 70 performance tasks will be developed, in all. This work impacted 40 districts with 500,000 students.