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Literacy Design Collaborative Scoring Protocols (Phase II)

This project seeked to develop and pilot test teacher-moderated scoring systems that enable teachers to efficiently review and score performance tasks. These systems facilitate teachers’ shared understanding of how student responses to LDC tasks should be evaluated, provide opportunities for teacher dialogue and sharing of instructional strategies, and strengthen communities of practice within and across districts and states. Measured Progress joined SCALE on this project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The LDC Scorer Training Protocols Phase II project utilized locally developed, curriculum-embedded LDC template tasks, coupled with expertly designed protocols and training materials, to develop a system for local educators to consistently evaluate student work against high standards. SCALE assessed the effectiveness and utility of the training protocols implemented at the pilot sites.

Independently, SCALE conducted a study of the use of locally developed, teacher-scored performance assessments in the evaluation of teacher effectiveness. The study focused on two measures of teacher effectiveness: students' scores on a common LDC template task; and evaluation of teacher-designed template tasks.

Key Deliverables:

  • At the conclusion of the project, teacher training materials and instructional modules will be made available to LDC sites interested in building local capacity to train teachers to score
  • Feasibility study to evaluate the use of LDC tasks to evaluate teacher effectiveness