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Ruth Chung Wei

Ruth Chung Wei (Ph.D., Stanford University) concurrently serves as Senior Research Scientist at SCALE and as Director of Research and Innovation at Envision Learning Partners (ELP) in Oakland, California.  Since January 2018, her primary role at SCALE has been to serve as the project lead for the Measures of Social-Emotional Learning Project, a research study that focuses on evaluating the validity of potential sources of classroom-embedded evidence about students’ development of social-emotional competencies (e.g., interpersonal and intrapersonal skills).  Before joining ELP, she worked for 15 years at SCALE, where she served as Director of Assessment Research and Development, leading research and development efforts on performance-based assessments of teacher candidates, teachers, and students, including a number of national and state initiatives. Dr. Wei has also led research studies on the efficacy of project-based learning curricula, the quality of large-scale assessment items used in state tests across the United States, the rise and fall of past performance assessment initiatives, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards portfolio assessment as an opportunity for developing formative assessment skills, and the features of high quality professional development in the U.S. and around the world. Dr. Wei completed her undergraduate studies at Harvard University, a masters degree in social studies education from Teachers College (Columbia University), and spent six years teaching in New York City prior to her studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Education.