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Jill Wertheim

Jill Wertheim is the Program Director for SCALE’s programs in science assessment. She has centered her work at SCALE around studying ways that high-quality assessment can be used to support system-wide changes in science education. Dr. Wertheim currently focuses on studying how performance assessments can be used as part of a coherent system of assessment to support implementation of new science standards that reflects the vision of the Framework for K-12 Science Education. Through her work on the Stanford NGSS Assessment Project (SNAP) and the State Performance Assessment Learning Community SPA-LC), she has developed tools to support teams of teachers, administrators, and state and district leaders in incorporating engaging, authentic tasks into their assessment system with the goal of moving this system away from valuing rote learning and toward using evidence to reason about real, complex problems. Dr. Wertheim transitioned from science research to science education research through a position at AAAS Project 2061, where she began her work on using assessments to diagnose students' ideas about earth science topics, and expanded her areas of interest into geography while working at National Geographic. Dr. Wertheim holds a PhD in the Geological Sciences from and a BA in Geology from Middlebury College.