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SCALE Services

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SCALE designs and develops performance assessment products and solutions for states, districts and educational foundations. With experts who represent a range of educational backgrounds, SCALE has the capability to support initiatives that serve students and teachers from early childhood through college and career experiences.

SCALE Expertise in Teacher Assessment

SCALE has built a nationally recognized model of performance assessment for  teachers called PACT – the Performance Assessment for California Teachers - which is currently in use by a consortium of institutions of higher education across the state of California.   The PACT assessment system includes a common Capstone Teaching Event as well as embedded signature assessments (ESAs) that are unique to local programs. Learn More

SCALE has also developed a national teaching performance assessment building on the PACT experience, the Teacher Performance Assessment Consortium (TPAC) instrument.  SCALE is collaborating with the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, and 20 state education agencies, which have each committed a minimum of three preparation programs to participate in the design and pilot of this national TPA. Learn More

Building on the foundation of its pre-service teaching performance assessment work, SCALE is working toward building a coherent system of teaching performance assessments across the continuum of teachers’ professional careers, spanning pre-service/preliminary licensing, induction, and Tier II or standard licensing. For more information about these programs, please see the Teacher Performance Assessment page. Learn More

SCALE Expertise in Student Assessment

SCALE has worked with state and local districts, such as Ohio and New York City, to create a new generation of performance assessments.  These partnerships have taken major strides toward building a new system of world-class performance-based assessments that both measure and promote students’ learning of content and skills that will prepare them to be successful in college and in careers. SCALE continues to work with districts and states to investigate the potential of performance assessment in measuring student achievement. Learn More

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